Anti Over Flow Ring

It helps structural stability of wagon. Prevents overflowing of feed mixing.

Fuel Save

Special designed tungsten carbide coated cutter knives for excellent cutting and fuel save.

Unique Interior Design

Side walls designed for increasing the feed circulation in machine are maximizing the material flow.

Well Accurated Weighting System

Desired mixing rates easily reachable by the help of functional indicator on the weighting system also. Up to the rate mixing, set your stock amount.

MultiOptional Discharge Variation

Charger V flex-design allows to have alternative solutions with discharging units for different farms and conditions. Front and rear discharging band with is 120 cm.

Electronic Command System

Celikel products has easy use with electronic command panel. Manage your machine with R/F technic.

Two Speed Gear

While mixing low capacity with high speed, for the over loaded mixing take fuel save advantegous and minimize forcing.

Easy Mix

Augers are specially designed for the shortest mixing time and the most homogeneous mixing.

Reinforced Wagon Base

Base plate produced with st52 material with 20 mm thickness for more durable, long life and rigidity. Extra endurance of base plant reached by the metal grid system.

Perfect Gathering of Quality and Design

Beyond the excellence reached by the qualitied handcraft, carefully choosen materials and sparkling yellow of Celikel Brand.

Durable Gear System

Durable gear system used on Charger V. Get the beset function of durable gear system without any extra maintenance for years.

Safety Point

Hydraulic brake system on Charger V gives exact result in short distance stop.

Counter Knives

Counter knives on machine are for fine adjust of mixing cutting. Optionally; hydraulic control is available.

Oil Indicators

Simple Maintenance Monitoring Easy visible oil sight glasses indicate the gearbox levels. All maintenance points are easily available making services very easy.

Strong, Stable And Safety Chassis

Leaf system with double axle fixed by 6 points on the chassis is stable and reinforced by the Do Mex 700 material.

Celikel Orginal Spare

Celikel Orginal Spare Parts are designed for low cost, long time duration, safe usement and optimum performance during the lifelong Innovative product methods adjusted to our products in all departments of manufacturing plant give the highest quality standarts. Celikel has the professional service network with original spare parts, support & service and technical information library.


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