• Round silage baler and wrapper machine is designed for making high quality silage bales with row material

           such as rice straw, pasture, grass, alfa alfa hay etc.

  •  The whole working program is successive and reliable.
  • The bundled round straw bales are compact outside and loose inside, and have good air permeability. Bales can maintain moisture and promote p1ermentation. it is good for silage storage and easy to transport.
  • The wrapping bales are waterproof, against wind, rain and snow, and can b capt. in open storage and are convenient for long term storage and long distance transportation. ‘The Efficient use of crop stalks as well as the disaster countering and livestock protection.



Driving Force Electric Motor
capacity 7000 kg- 8000 kg/ hr
Bale weight 85-105 kg
Machine capacity 70-85 bales/hr
Bales Dimension 560*520 mm
Water Content of material 65%
Total Weight 800 kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 4100*1400*1500 mm
Voltage 380-420V three phase
Main motor lOHP/7.5 KW three phase
Convetor Motor capacity 1.5 KW
Wrapper Machine 0.55 KW three phase
 Compressor pump motor 1.1KW three  phase
Conveyor operation Conveyor with separate motor and Auto Stop when chamber is full
Layers of Film With Rope Stretch film and net features
Film Wrapping efficiency 5 sec/ layer
Pneumatic operation With powerful Pneumatic system
PLC System Upgraded PLC System
Chamber thickness 6mm
Chamber Bearing type Outer Bearing with Flange

AGRONIC MultiBaler 820


The AGRONIC MultiBaler 820 is a compact machine usefull for the production of midi round bales.
The machine has been developed for the demanding user to compact different kind of short materials. Compacting fourage into AGRONIC high density bales increase the yield of milk and meat production very significantly compared to conventi- onal bunker silo.


AGRONIC attaches great importance to meet customers expectations worldwide.
In order to meet with all requirements, AGRONIC MultiBalers can be provided with additonal options so that the machines perfectly match in the environment in which the performance has to be done.



The AGRONIC MultiBaler 1220, developed for the demanding user provides an high efficient baling process.
The machine has been developed on basis of technical expe- rience and skills, which makes the machine extremely durable and produces high quality products.
AGRONIC MultiBalers simplifies packaging of silage products efficiently.

AGRONIC MultiBaler 1220

Balesize variable 100 cm. (width) x 100 – 120 cm. (diameter).

Balevolume: 1,13 m3. Baleweight 600-900 kg.

Bunker with chain infeeding system.

Bunker volume 4,0 m3.  

Own hydraulic system with oil cooling system included.

Capacity: up to 45 bales/hour.


How the automatic process works.


1   Loading and infeeding of material

Loose material can be loaded from the top into the bunker with a loader or crane. Optional we offer a possibility to load the machine from the ground using a trailer. This is the AGRONIC Dropbunker V60120.

After loading the material in the bunker, it will be transported into the balechamber with the bottom chain system automatically. Also the speed of infeed- ing is regulated automatically. Different kind of ma-

2   High-density compacting

The material is being compacted in the bale- chamber with a volume reduction up to 50-70%. The special chain system processes all short cut materials and forms a perfectly shaped bale with a high density.

3   Film- / nettying

A perfect film or net binding system makes the best shaped bales. The operator determines whether using the net or film binding system.

The film & film system is based on some layers of so- called mantelfilm which is binded around the bale in the balechamber and gives a very good bale density and bale shape.

Also this way of binding the bale in the baler gives a better oxigen barrier which results in a better product with higher yield.

4 Intergrated return system

Losses of material are being reduced till minimum through a return system under- neath the machine. Losses during baling are collected through- out the process. All losses are being brought back in the bunker with a vertical auger sys- tem after where it will return into the baler’s hopper.

5  Wrapping with film control

AGRONIC MultiBalers are  equipped  with a thoughtfull wrapping system. This system consists of two filmstretchers of 500 or 750 mm.

During wrapping the process is being monitored by the automactic film control system. The system reacts automatic- ally when film break happens or when a roll is empty.



AGRONIC attaches great importance to meet customers expectations worldwide.
In order to meet with all requirements, AGRONIC MultiBalers can be provided with additonal options so that the machines perfectly match in the environment in which the performance has to be done.

Diesel Powerpack (Only MB 820)

Cost effective operation through a direct connected diesel engine with low fuel consumption. Engine in- stalled as a silent pack on the baler which makes use very simple as well mobile as stationary.




Drop bunker V60120


When loading capacity is a requirement.

Loading volume is 2,5-3 ton. Conveyor width 1,20 mtr. Direct unloading from wagon into dropbunker.

Auto greasing system

 Lincoln auto greasing system. Simply and effective greasing of all bearings and rotating parts on the ma- chine. Full automatic, 4 liter reservoir.


Electro Powerpack

 Perfect solution for stationary work on fixed location. It saves space and does not produce exhaust gasses and is very cost effective.

PDH-10 additive dosing system

 Fully automatic additive system voor adding additives during baling. Pump capacity 10 l/min.

Controlled and operated by AGRONIC control unit.

Bale handler


Balehandler specially developed for logistic processing of midibales.




MultiBaler 1220
Dimensions & weight: Transport length Transport width

Transport height Volume bunker Wheels

Weight (unloaden)

8.90 mtr.

2.87 mtr.

3.10 mtr.

4.00 m3 500/50-17 6800 kgs.

Power needed:
Tractor power needed
95 Hp / 70 kW.
Balesize & contents: Balesize (width x diameter) Bale volume 100 cm. x Ø 100-120 cm.

0,79 m3 – 1,13 m3

Attachment: Attachment to tractor PTO Drawbar with towing eye 540 rpm.
Hydraulic system:

Hydraulic system specifications

Own hydraulic system with double pump and oilcooler
Electric system: Electric connections Operator systeem 12 volt DC

Electronic Control Unit


Film stretch unit Wrapping film storage Net/bindingfilm storage

2x 750 mm.

12 reels

1 roll


MultiBaler XL



The KNOLL MultiBaler XL is multi-functionally deployable because of his robust construction. This multi-functionality makes the machine the best all rounder of its kind. KNOLL MultiBalers are working worldwide to provide the best quality round bales and highest performance.



With KNOLL on its way to quality forage!

The development

In addition to the existing KNOLL MultiBalers (820/1220), the KNOLL MultiBaler XL is a completely new development. We have once again moved to the drawing board and de- veloped a machine that is unique.

Continuing on both the stationary and mobile use, this MultiBaler XL gives the opportunity to process a variety of materials in round bales.

Key feedback from you, the customer, underlined the need for comfort, ease of use, value for money, excellent reliability, intuitive and convenient controls, 100% connectivitynd the ability to work with the most demanding implements.

We keep you moving forward…

We have noticed that the development and demand for processing chopped or shredded materials in well-compacted round bales is increasing.

Adding value is more than just making a good machine. Our starting point is always: ‘‘what means valuable to our users?’’

The KNOLL MultiBaler XL is a new machine that makes work for the customer more pleas- ant, faster, better, and more reliable. It gives more possibilities, and in our view, that is what we can use to help you move forward, our motivation to keep developing.

Best quality feed for your livestock

With the KNOLL MultiBaler XL, Knoll Baling & Wrapping offers a unique machine and total

solution that can be used in a very economical way. Depending on the type of material and structure, different kind of materials can be compacted from 30% to 70%.

Every machine owner or customer you work for desires to process the best quality feed.

The highest quality silage can be guaranteed by processing it in bales.

Quality depends on many factors, but high compaction and the exclusion of oxygen in combination with the best processing capacity makes the KNOLL MultiBaler XL the right partner in this process.

Unique and versatile, the most efficient in its kind!

The KNOLL MultiBaler XL is unique. The only machine that can work both stationary and mobile. There is no need to change the work mode of the machine. Very simple and you can start working right away.

This feature provides versatility and more possibilities to use the machine effectively, with a better result in the end….. and happy users!

Stationary use

The MultiBaler XL is equipped with a large bunker at the front of the machine. This bunker can be easily loaded from above using various machines.

With a capacity of 8.00 m3, this bunker is the ideal way to process a variety of materials, both for agricultural and industrial applications.

Loading with any kind of loading equipment

The spacious infeed bunker can be loaded with any type of machine.

E.g. a tractor with a front load- er, wheel loader, crane or any other loading solution.

The bunker is equipped with side panels that can be folded down to facilitate loading.

Using the Drop bunker V60120 for loading

When loading directly from a silage wagon, the ‘‘Drop bunker V60120’’ offers the solution for the demanding user.

This loading bunker (3.50 m3) is hydraulically driven and the feed speed can be perfectly ad- justed for any type of material by means of a throttle valve.


The MultiBaler XL distinguishes itself from any other machine on the market because it offers the possibility to use the machine directly in the field.


This simplifies use and often saves 1 to 2 extra work passes that are required for stationary use. The crop is processed into a bale immediately after chopping, which guarantees the very best end product.

Unique combination!

The KNOLL MultiBaler XL can be used mobile very efficiently:

  1. Direct in combination with the chopper (pto-driven)
  2. Driving next to the chopper, pulled by a tractor
  3. In combination with a tractor equipped with a chopper at the front

 Various types of grass can also be processed directly in the field.

The KNOLL MultiBaler XL answers a fre- quently asked question. Is it possible to process chopped grass into bales? YES!

The MultiBaler XL was developed on the basis of the idea that it should be possi- ble to process various chopped/shredded materials into bales.

A variety of materials can be baled, for example grass, alfalfa, herbal mixtures, hemp, crimped grain, GPS etc.

Basic specification of the machine

Double wrapper arm with 750 mm. film Tandem chassis with flotation tyres 560/60 R22.5
Automatic film break detection system Air brake system (two-line) for max. 60 km/h
Automatic adjustment of the wrapping speed for one roll Rimote® system for wireless connection of the machine for service and operation
Patented binding system for mantelfilm or net Integrated camera system with two camera’s
Bale chamber with 17 chamber rolls equipped with long-lasting slide bearings Integrated LED-light system equipped with 4 work lights
Patented Power-Grip-4 bale chamber belts (2 pieces) Automatic central lubrication system for oil and grease for all bearings and drive chains
Return system for recycling of crumb losses External keypads for quick operating of functions
Hydraulic baling pressure control system IQAN 10’’ TFT touchscreen operating console
Proportional hydraulic movable wrapper table 12 reels additional wrapping film storage
On board Danfoss hydraulic system (load-sensing) 5 reels additional mantelfilm/net storage
Air-cooled oil cooling system with reverse fan Special feed rotor for optimal control of crop flow

Any kind of material can be baled!

You will be amazed by the possibilities that the KNOLL MultiBaler XL offers you!

Any type of material can be processed, from agricultural crops to industrial processing of waste products, we are happy to accept the challenge!

Examples of other materials that can be baled with the KNOLL MultiBaler XL…
Transforming bulk material and other fine particle materials into round bales with high-density is where the KNOLL MultiBaler XL excels!


Our customers use our MultiBalers to bale a wide range of different materials.

Alfalfa / Lucerne Dry manure
Crimped grain Saw dust
Sugar beet pulp Peat
Hemp Cotton

Machines are provided with expertly compiled user manuals and parts information.

High-quality original spare parts. Everything in stock, fast delivery.

We are available 24/7 to help you with various communication tools.

The KNOLL MultiBaler XL is a robust machine. It has a strong and durable developed bale chamber, resulting in very well compacted bales. The film binding is working in an uncompli- cated way and works magnificently for all kinds of materials.

Due to the very well optimized control of the complete machine, the MultiBaler XL also achieves a good hourly output.

What made you decide to start working with an KNOLL MultiBaler XL?

Loading of the bunker with the optional ‘‘side loading conveyor’’ was of great importance to us, so we can unload quickly with our dosing trailer with side discharge system so we never have to drive back. Next to this, setting up the machine is easy and hardly noticeable in terms of the time required.

What kind of materials are you baling with the machine?

We mainly bale maize, corn cob meal, some sugar beet pulp. Our idea is to also bale GPS and possibly grass silage.

But from our experience you can bale anything with this machine.

Technical details

The KNOLL MultiBaler XL can be used stationary or mobile after arrival at workplace to get started immediately.

The figure and overview below provide information on all the technical details of the machine and the power and connections required to operate the machine.

Work mode (mm) 







Transport mode (mm)















moving forward together, success takes care of itself’’

A strong partnership for more than 25 years brings out the best in us.


Successful together in the development of durable and reliable ma- chines that create added value for our customers!

The AGRONIC MidiVario II and MidFix are the baler wrapper combinations for midibales. Midibales are the perfect solution for (small) farmers and horse-owners. Because of its dimensions and weight is it very suitable for small areas or hilly terrain.

The MidiVario II has a variable bale chamber with adjustable densities. Bale weight depends on diameter (85-90-100cm.) and material, varying 100-200 kgs, 520- 670 ltr. The MidiFix producing bales of 85 cm. width and diameter of 90 cm, 550 ltr.

We designed comprehensive packaging machine “ÇELİKEL Perpetual” for small and middle scale enterprises.If it is requested, we can turn PERPETUAL into a packaging factory with higher capacity considering packaging needs of bigger enterprises. Instead of making the machine full automatic and expensive, engineers of Çelikel created a semi-automatic and more economical considering the fact that it will be favorable to invesment costs. You will pick suitable package for you by choosing packet size ( between 25 – 50kg ). You are going to carry packages you take from PERPETUAL without an extra hydraulic loader or expensive invesments.


You can easily set packet sizes by choosing options between 25kg or 50kg with the help of co-operative system of the digital screen on the machine and scale system. You are going to make perfect packets with fallibility of 2%.

It is easy to keep mechanism of the machine under control with SPACEBULL PLC control panel and extensive interface in PERPETUAL. You can control all functions of the machine with one touch screen and have access to information such as tonage and number of the product.

It is necessary to keep the product inside packet for long time without the product getting affacted and the air inside should not get out. Thanks to Çelikel ZEROAIR technology, the shelf life of the product can last for 2 years by vacuuming the air out. Thus, packed product will stay as fresh as the very first day.

For faster and easy response to problems which may occur in PERPETUAL , an integrated remote control system is added to SPACEBULL softwere. Thanks to this system, Çelikel Techinal Team can solve the problems which user can’t solve himself.

We desinged the controllers in the most sufficent and easy way for an operator to control. Your operators will not have any difficulties and make an extra effort to operate.

The lighting system which is placed on different places of the machine will provide convenience to user by lighting the area where the machine works.

The feeding unit of PERPETUAL controlled by SPACEBULL automation system automatically carries the products to pack up.

Perpetual is designed with light and alarm system to warn you in any every conditions.

As CELIKEL Engineers, we aim to get the most efficiency from PERPETUAL Packing Concept. We provide a single foot pedal for operator who is working in vacuum packing, pressing and gluing process.

PERPETUAL’s process of packing ends with pressing the product by closing it after carrying the products prepared by mixer to band to take products into dosing system where the products are taken into packet by vacuuming the air out. Because process of pressing is a factor which affects the shelf life of the product, it is aimed to be perfect by using two strong pneumatical pistons

We prefer The Ultra Sensitive Sensors which is the eye of PERPETUAL to receive the most product without losing any time.

The areas which touch to the packet products are covered in chrome. This feature is added by consedering that products may harm parts of the machine.

Our aim is to set a flawless standard and in PERPETUAL. We build a BUNKER MIXING SCREW to prevent anything to stuck on the way thus we decreased the error rate to zero.

We pay the most attention to ensure high profitability and Low Power Consumption while designing the PERPETUAL. We run SPACEBULL a compact form to make it to the machine with the lowest power consumption and mechanization software.

Considering the PERPETUAL’s working conditions we offer the user a chassis structure strong

Our aim is to keep packaged product fresh as long as possible and with PERPETUAL. FAST SEAL rapid welding system on PERPETUAL will prevent exposure to external factors by switching off the mouth of the bag with a perfect way. Also you will be able to easily determine the temperature of the pack during the closure process that is required by the state of the ambient temperature from the control panel.

PERPETUAL Packing Concept provides all of the hydraulic movement through pneumatic pistons. These movements are gaining the power needed to ensure that we place on the machine thanks to the compressor. This also serves as another option while cleaning the machine.

The weather conditions for the operation of the PERPETUAL do not need to be under a certain degree or above thanks to Fan Cooling System in the PLC system board.

Thanks to Strong Packing Holder which is the under the drain cover is able to packing in every size without any manpower.

Although The PERPETUAL is a semi-automatic machine which needs no manpower except installing the filling chamber of plastic packaging mouth opening and manual correction of the bag mouth during mouth off. The conveyor has a big role to make this process so simplistic.The conveyor enabling the product to be packaged to move on a horizontal plane to minimize the need for manpower.



Electricity Requirement 380V
Air Requirement 6 BAR
Vacuum Power 1.1 KW
Favorable Grammage +/- 150 GR
Grammage Range 25 – 50 KG
Goods Feeding System Automatich Bunker Band
Capacity 4.5 TON/HR (25KG) 9 TON/HR (50KG)