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Cattlekit Single Row Maize Chopper never tires your tractor through its light structure and strong transmission system; presents more harvesting guarantee with less fuel. Single Row Maize Chopper can harvest only one corn row has full hydraulic system so it presents high level performance. Its flywheel system composes 12 pieces cutter blade and 6 pieces thrower pallet. The cutting angles of blades have been designed specially. Harvesting unit composes 2 pieces transmission, 2 pieces shaft and torque gear, it requires the least maintenance in its class. The tilting system on the machine makes provides leading long height corns and makes easy harvesting process.The leader has been equipped by mutually 4 pieces spring and 2 pieces special PVC material to lye corn that was cut by knurled circle blades. So, product waste is decreased to zero. Harvesting height can be adjusted from tractor hydraulic arms. Telescopic wheel prevents fractioning the machine to ground. So, allowing foreign materials into the machine possibility minimized. The safety has been kept forefront at the machine, safety pin practice has been integrated into gear system to prevent possible damages.

Dr. Shahid - Fazal Farm '' Muzaffargarh ''

T3Silage making is most difficult task for any dairy farmer but the chelikel chopper has made it quite easy. Moreover, the quality Chelikel machinery is accompanied by excellent services of CATTLEKIT.


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Cattlekit gives the opportunity for low maintenance cost and economic solutions for possible repairments.


High Performance

Cattelkit manufactures the highest level machines of the industry by using transmitting equipments such as hydro motor, redactor, gearbox and shafts instead of belt pulley which can be cause to lose of power.



All receiver unit is under guarantee of safety. In case of any blockage or any irrelevant substance intake, safety prevents the machines from damages. This system is the biggest guarantee for your machine.


Fragmentation and Grain Crushing

One of the most important thing for the corn silage is smashing the corn by cutters and not being sappy of corn pieces. Challenger has the system and equipments to do this in the best way.


User Friendly

Challenger has simple interface and is not composed of complex options. It means any operator driving tractors can easily manage the Challenger
By the help of spirals washers; the distance between flywheel and fixed cutter which is the adjustment of thin cut or thick cut, can be easily set. Via the flywheel wrench sent by machine, you can adjust easily from 5 mm to 10 mm not like any other machines changments of pulleys or gears


12 pcs Knives and Chopping Technologie

By the perfect aerodynamic of the flywheel system, Cattlekit guarantees the optimum quality product cut and perfect smash. 12 pcs specially designed flywheel cutters are produced by high quality materials durable for abrasion and for decreasing the cost of cutter.


Slimness and Thickness Setting

Thanks to spring washers on the machine can you set distance between flywheel and durable knive.


Automatic Knives Sharpening

This sharpening method is used by Cattlekit for years is the most effective and the best for the silage machines. Sharpening Stones with flange connection fixed on bearings enables to sharpen the knife automatically while the machine is running. This way saves your time and Works not like the old techniques.


Independent Hydraulic System

While Cattlekit manufacturing the products, it has the principle for the products to be economic and also to be the higher class product optionally for the future. On this context, Challenger is equipped with full hydraulic system. Hydro motor generates the power for all hydraulic items on the machines which fixed on gear which designed as independent workable without any requirement of tractor oil pressure.


Hydraulic Controls

By aiming high level technology when compare with the equivalent machines, hydraulic lifts are placed for the control of turning ways and cap of chute. By the help of this system, tractor operator can control the cap and turning of the chute without any need of any other worker.


Excellent Blowing Technology

There are 6 pcs special designed throwers on the flywheel system. These throwers by greatly sweeping the silages in the smashing box, rapidly diverts them to the chute. Via the special design of chute and the new changments on the flywheel system, Challenger has the best heaping and the highest blowing capability among its category.


180 Degree Rotatable Chute System

Challenger chute turning scale is increased to 180° with the new clip system, this scale is limited max. 90° for the equivalent machines.

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Folding Routers

Diverters on the machines are designed as folding up 90° to have simple and easy transport or carrying. This gives you extra space while going back / forward on land or transporting the machine different place.


Spot Light

Spot light can be attached for the night Works.


Carbide Covering Flywheel Cutter

Flywheel cutters sent by machine as a standard can be covered by carbide for longer life and to be stronger for abrasion.


Chute Extension

Chute Extension is designed to lengthen the distance 250mm more for the higher trailers.


Single Row Maize Chopper


Length (cm) 240
Height (cm) 320
Width (cm) 235
Folded Height (cm) 195
Weight (kg) 550
Throvver Pallet Number (Piece) 6
Cutter Blade Number (Piece) 12
Wheel Size 165/80 R13
Tractor VVorking Positions Yan
PTO Rpm (rpm) 540
Power Requirement 40 hp.
Adjustable Disintegration Size 5 mm. - 15 mm.
Work Capacity 50-55 ton/saat
Work Width 50 cm. Single Now

Cattlekit Challenger, one row maize chopper is the most Professional machine among its category and product of 20 year experience. Challenger cutting system is reached and developed after long years of experiences, by the studies of how we can reach highest performance with minimum oil and by the new techniques. This technology is accepted by all the users and now indispensable for the small and middle scaled farmers.